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New Year, New Blog

Hello internet! On the off-chance that anyone who doesn't already know me is reading this, then hi, I'm Tasha, I'm a composer, and now (like most of the online community) I have a blog. It's almost as though doing a masters, kick-starting my career as a freelancer, and working part-time isn't enough for me!

Here's a bit of background in case you were wondering (you can skip this paragraph, mum). I was born in the Lake District, and moved to Manchester at the age of 6, where I lived until I went to uni aged 18. I studied Music at the University of Birmingham for four years, one of which was a year abroad in Montpellier, France. After graduating in the summer of 2017, I took a year away from education to work, save, and reset my cluttered brain. I then moved to Bristol in September to start a masters course in Composition for Film and Television, which I am absolutely loving. Aside from the demands of my course I like to play the clarinet, sing in choirs, play tennis, and of course, binge-watch far too many TV shows. And there you have it: a whistle-stop tour of me!

So what am I going to write about? Well the answer to that is quite simply: anything and everything. I'd like to use this platform as a means of documenting my journey into the music industry: the trials, tribulations, highs and lows of trying to make it into a field that is challenging to say the least, but that (hopefully) will prove rewarding in the end! New posts will be up every other week, and will include updates about things that I've learned, seen, and experienced, from why I chose a masters course as a route into music, to books that I've enjoyed, and creatives that I admire. I'd love to hear your thoughts as the blog develops, and any suggestions for topics you'd like me to write about. So please like/comment/share etc, and watch this space for updates!

If you've got this far, thank you for reading, and Happy New Year!

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